The boys were creative, a beautiful example of chemical, and physical changes.


Working title, Friends Soup

The people I care about are a varied ‘soup’ !
There’s family, childhood, film n art mates, sports, and interest groups
It’s about what happens when you become friends,
And how it can progress, And how it can descend,
Happy, Sad, Worried, Glad, and everything really,
For them that are friends, I love you all dearly.

We Need a New Dishwasher!

With smokey whisp and a bang

The dishwasher ceased,

No more a our helpful

magic-cupboard beast…

“We need a new dishwasher!”

You hear me cry

As food smeared bowls, cups and plates

Are balanced high.

“Please replace it’s broken plug socket!”

I start to implore

As my hands in frothy suds

Turn red, dry and sore.

“Our kitchen is CLOSED!”

I stomp and declare,

Finger food on paper plates

Is today’s tasty fayre.

“We need a new dishwasher,”

Gary please fix it,

We’ll love you forever

And I’ll drive you to Wickes!

Slow Worm

Unfortunately didn’t find the usual nest of slow worms in the compost bin, but found this one sunning itself by the greenhouse, there was a young baby but that disappeared under the wood too quickly.

slow worm, 16/06/2013