We Need a New Dishwasher!

With smokey whisp and a bang

The dishwasher ceased,

No more a our helpful

magic-cupboard beast…

“We need a new dishwasher!”

You hear me cry

As food smeared bowls, cups and plates

Are balanced high.

“Please replace it’s broken plug socket!”

I start to implore

As my hands in frothy suds

Turn red, dry and sore.

“Our kitchen is CLOSED!”

I stomp and declare,

Finger food on paper plates

Is today’s tasty fayre.

“We need a new dishwasher,”

Gary please fix it,

We’ll love you forever

And I’ll drive you to Wickes!


2 thoughts on “We Need a New Dishwasher!

  1. bristolchimneysweep

    To a rap beat.

    The washer plumbing fooked
    And needs replacing
    But the sinks in the way
    which is why I’m hesitating

    But it has to be removed
    Which ain’t much fun
    I’d rather scrape my eyes out
    with a toasted current bun

    The flooring’s destroyed
    The electrics have blown
    Its gonna cost us money
    I’d rather spend on a NEW phone

    It needs some thought
    I can’t deny
    But I can’t be arsed
    So I’ll get a plumber guy

  2. Beki Post author

    Then AWAY to thy contact list
    In rushed haste my lover!
    As a new dishwasher is needed QUICK! :-0
    But if dial, speak, then book that plumber,
    Is by troublesome nature required, 😦
    I’ll withstand the scummy kitchen days
    To behold my domestic desired.
    Oh prithee, my hands now watery prunish,
    To be restored to skins soft beauty sooneth! 🙂
    And both our lives reunited with joy,
    For instead of one lonely techie mobile,
    We can SHARE the white goods new toy!! :-p


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